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Based in Los Angeles, this is Kurtis's second full length recording.  His first project, named Fraction of a Thread, was well-received by critics & listeners alike.  Frontiers Magazine said "(Kurtis) has got a crystal clear voice and a great gift for melody."

Kurtis plans to release this new project single by single.  The need for content on a continuing basis is clear.  He hopes to engage more directly with listeners around the world. 

Announcements about future releases to come.  

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ididntseeitcoming final.jpeg
ididntseeitcoming final.jpeg

I Didn't See It Coming

by Kurtis Simmons

The first single from Kurtis's forthcoming record, I Didn't See It Coming is the electric, driving work of Kurtis Simmons, Stefan Lit & Kyle Puccia.